Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Petite Halloween Hunt

Hey there Petites! Halloween is coming, and just in time is a quick and easy Halloween Hunt just for us. Twenty-one little green pumpkins just waiting for you to find them. Here's a peek of some of the incredible gifts from places like S&S Clockworks, GaeaLicious, Winged Creations, Anna's Micro Me and Pooka. All the pictures were taken in the Halloween Home dome/sky box gift from JuJu. And guys? There is PLENTY to be found on this hunt for you .. in fact one gift has more for the guys in it than for the girls, so don't be afraid to spend the time, it won't be for nothing.
PetiteHalloween11 PetiteHalloween10
Here's a peek at interior highlights of the sky box. It comes softlinked, but is copy so you don't have to worry about losing pieces if you want to pick it up.
More of the gift below, everything shown in these pictures aside from hair and shoes comes from the hunt (see below for hair and shoe information).
PetiteHalloween12 PetiteHalloween1 PetiteHalloween9 PetiteHalloween8PetiteHalloween6 PetiteHalloween7 PetiteHalloween5 PetiteHalloween4 PetiteHalloween3 PetiteHalloween2
The Hunt runs until October 31st, but with only 21 stops it's very possible to complete the hunt from start to finish in a very short time. The starting point is at Epic, and if you need hints or any skipped shops you can visit the Blog.

Items not part of the hunt:
Avatar: Fallen Gods Elves; Hair: Little Chickies Piper; Shoes: Baby Monkey Faery Flats

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